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"Power comes from only two things; organized money and organized people.

We don't have any money-  that's why we need organized people."

--Jim Barrens

The Justice Factory website and blog were established to fill an urgent need: to provide a place where regular folks can go to get free information, guidance, and technical support for their grassroots organizations and their communities.

This website and it's associated blog, and the resources and training described here, can help us to build the kind of America that is a true reflection of its people.  

Use of this website is free and fully open to the general public.  In addition, I have reviewed all of the resources listed in the various categories on this website before posting them here.  In order to be listed here these resources must meet two criterion:

1- They must be of high-quality

2- They must be free of charge, or offered at very low cost.

As I mentioned, use of this website is free and fully open to the general public.  The resources listed here are also free, or almost free.

There are abundant free resources available to groups seeking to organize.  However, it is difficult to find training workshop materials that local groups can easily obtain, afford and implement.  To fill this need, The Justice Factory has created a comprehensive training program covering all aspects of grassroots community organizing.    

This curriculum, which is in the form of Powerpoint© -style presentations, is available free of charge to any bona-fide grassroots community organization.  For more information see the  "Services" section of this website.

The curriculum can also be presented by a trained community organizer.  While the organizer-led training is not free, the cost is very low, and it is provided as a public service.  Please send an email if you'd like additional information.

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